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So, have you ever heard of Switzerland's coolest association? No ? Well, let me introduce you to KBird, the pop-culture and video-game crack team!


Founded in April 2022, KBird is a band of 11 passionate members who love organizing video game events and tournaments that will thrill you. They're so good at it, they've even created their own community on Discord, where fans can chat, exchange and share their passion for geek culture.


But that's not all! KBird is also a committed association supporting independent Swiss video game companies. Yes, yes, you heard us right! KBird wants to help small studios make a name for themselves and break into the cut-throat world of gaming. And that's pretty cool, isn't it?


In short, if you're looking for a bunch of crazy buddies to get together and play the latest video games or immerse yourself in pop culture, look no further than KBird!


The KBird association has a well-kept secret that we're going to let you in on exclusively: we live off donations from generous people like you! That's right, it's thanks to your contributions that KBird can continue to flourish and offer crazy events.


Just imagine: consoles falling from the sky like divine gifts, games multiplying in our premises like little rabbits, and even amounts magically materializing in our bank account. It's as if the generosity of our fans creates a vortex of geeky happiness!


With these incredible donations, we're able to feed our collection of games and consoles to a level of over 9000. And what do you know? That means our events just keep getting more and more epic!


So every time you make a donation to KBird, whether it's a retro console, a retro game or even a small token amount, you're contributing to our association's fantastic adventure. And in return, we promise you even crazier events, wild tournaments and a guaranteed crazy atmosphere!


So, are you ready to join our team of super donors? Drop us a line and together we'll take KBird to even more epic heights!

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